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Homeless Soul Minifigure for Franziskaner

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At Hall of Bricks, we don't just want to show the bright and colorful side of city life, we also want to illuminate the shadows. Our latest minifigure, the LEGO CustomPrint figure "Homeless Soul", is a reminder of the challenges faced by people living on the streets.

In a busy metropolis, it's easy to overlook the problems of the less fortunate. With this figure, we want to spark conversations and raise awareness about homelessness, addiction and other harsh realities in our cities. By addressing these issues directly, we hope to inspire compassion and effect positive change.

For every "Homeless Soul" minifigure sold, we will donate €2 to the Franciscan Mission Center, which works tirelessly to help the homeless around the world. Let's make a difference together and shine a light on the shadows of our cities.

For more information, visit www.franziskaner-helfen.de

Help us in our mission to create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Please note: Hood in dark red is a custom made item!

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